Robyn Rowland and Diane Fahey

Attended the launch of two new Five Island Press poetry publications yesterday: Robyn Rowlands’ ‘Fiery Waters’ and Diane Fahey’s ‘The Sixth Swan’ and enjoyed hearing two very different poets reading from their work, launched by Jennifer Harrison.

Robyn had just returned from Ireland and said she was bit jetlagged, but she didn’t sound. She talked about how the book moved from the carnal to the spiritual, with some powerful stuff in between. There are sexual poems, poems of breast cancer, activist poems and poems of spirituality and peace. Some beautiful personal sounding lyrical poems.

I met Diane a few years ago at Varuna and have always enjoyed her writing, with its calm meditative absolutely powerful insights into fairy tales, insects, Jungian stereotypes and feminism. And funny too, and smart and wryly observed. She read from her new book which is a poetic revisiting of some of the Grimm fairy tales and they were powerful self-contained narratives. This just might be my poetry book of the year!

Varuna – The Writers House


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