After the accident

After a 4WD ploughed into the back of my car yesterday, leaving it a smashed and crumpled blue sardine can, and me in hospital for observation for four hours in Frankston Hospital I sure was glad to be alive and breathing today.

So, after phone calls to the police, the insurance company and the towing company I went for a long walk for most of the afternoon. It was a warm day with a strong north/north-west blowing. I had planned to be at the Prom today camping with some friends but I didn’t think I should drive after the smash, even if I had anything to drive.

I walked down to the Mt Martha Beach along the sand, then along the board walk that hugs Balcombe Creek. There was a bit of water around at the base of the paper barks, and I could hear the sound of the water filtering through the water-lilies. I walked all the way up to the Highway, and crossed under it to the Briars Park, which is an old homestead with vineyard, some bird hides an old house and lots of interesting and beautiful trees. The oaks are freshly out, but the elms are lagging a little behind, a fainter green. I then walked the shorter of the two bushland walk and back home. It took about three hours and every dusty and sandy jolt told me I was alive.

The Briars Home Page


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