Salt-Lick Launch

Attended the launch of the Winter 2003 issue of ‘Salt-Lick Quarterly’ last night at Dantes in Fitzroy, a new magazine edited by Clint Greagen, Luis Gonzalez-Serrano and Megan Doyle. There was a good turn out with lots of contributors there to read.

Those who read included Lorin Ford, Alana Kelsall, Mark Mahemoff, Angela Costi, David Kelly, Cameron Lowe, Jennifer Harrison, Robyn Rowland, Patrick Alexander, Sandon McLeod and Eric Beach. I enjoyed Robyn’s long poem ‘Love Lament for the Dispossessed’ particularly. She reads them very well too, which matters in this sort of gathering.

I read three Irish-related poems, which connected up nicely with Robyn’s Irish poems, and Patrick Alexander, who has an Irish connection. The poems I read were: ‘Bush-Bashing’, ‘Yeats’ Grave’ and the poem from the issue, which was ‘Last Look at an Irish Lake’.


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