The Primrose Way

First poem for the year; I don’t usually post poems here, but once a year can’t hurt! I wrote this about the path on Beleura Hill, that used to be be used by the nuns when they walked down from the convent to the beach. The convent is gone, and the block is being cleared and will be re-built on, but the path endured for a while longer.

The Primrose Way

‘to the everlasting bonfire’


Edged in stones and agapanthus,

each as resilient as the other,

it arches down to a space

where a gate was


Recoiling against the new idea of path,

not straight, but narrow,

winding between trees

that are tall now and shadow it all.

Walk the walk of the believers

dutifully following

the elaborately constructed curves

that lead, inevitably,

like stations,

to a latched gate leaving,

entering the bare, uncharted

unblinking world of the sun.


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