Thinking about reading

Starting to think about the kinds of things I might read at a poetry reading coming up in a couple of weeks. I want to read in a more structured kind of way, perhaps linking poems together, or putting poems that bounce off each other together. A student in my Literature class asked if I would read some poems to the class, so I might do a run-through of some of them there.

Also, just about finished the THYLAZINE article/essay on the disappearing landscapes, which kept me thinking for lots of the summer. I don’t know if it says much ultimately, but perhaps explores some of the ideas, with some poems running through it.

Got the news that I DIDN’T receive a Tasmanian fellowship to go and write there sometime during the Winter, which was disappointing. I felt I had a bit of an affinity with Tasmania and its writing through my association with ‘Famous Reporter’ but the Tasmanian Writers Centre saw it differently. The process was interesting too; you have to pay an application fee, send supporting material etc. but the only response is a generic email, and no criteria on selection are available online at least. I’m beginning to get this thing for criteria.


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