Reading at Molly Blooms

A small but interested crowd at Molly Blooms for the Poetry Reading on Monday night, which went well. It was John West’s first go at running the night so I was a little disappointed there weren’t there. My brother was in town, down from Sydney, and he came along and enjoyed the night I think.

After me, Richard Hillman read some very good poems from his newest book and you couldn’t get a more different style; so I think the balance would have been pretty good on the night.

Here’s what I read:

History of Bird Rock Beach – 17

Late Summer afternoon at Mills Beach – 35

The Cursed Family – 9 (MAPS)

Site 64 – 27 (MAPS)

bush bashing – 20

great elk in the dublin museum – 53

Snow in Frankston – 29

Bowed, but not broken – 68

Friction – 48

Yeat’s Grave (Max Harris prize)

Last Look at Irish Lake (Salt-Lick Quarterly)


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