Education Committee Sydney Forum

Education Committee Sydney Forum

Planning and Ideas for the Sydney Forum at the Poetry Festival in Sydney on September 4, 3004.

The forum will run from 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM

DRAFT PROGRAM: The Mission: Australian Poetry in Schools

This is a panel and discussion session on fostering contemporary Australian poetry in schools. Is Australian poetry under-represented in school settings? What are the challenges to improved access and better teaching of poetry? This session will include perspectives from academics, poets, teachers and publishers and will aim at practical strategies for future improvement.

Chair: Warrick Wynne

1. The Mission: Lorraine Gillespie

“…but somewhere between Bryon and Plath poetry has taken a serious dive and most of my suspicions are leading to the way it is/has been taught via the education system. Now it’s fine for the odd teacher here and there to say that poetry is not in a sorry state, but this is not the wide spread view, so what for the rest. More poems to learn by rote and despise?? Well upon revising the adult education teaching plan that I created for poetry classes a couple of years ago and was rather successful decided I’m going to put my mouth where I wish my money and see what I can come up with in the plight to return the crown to it’s rightful status. ”

2. Publishers Perspective: Ron Pretty

3. A Poet’s Viewpoint – ?

4. The View from Schools: Warrick Wynne

5. Life After School: Teaching Poetry: Lyn Hatherly


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