Miksang Hybrids

I found some interesting photos on an American blog that really impressed me, which I found from a surfing blog I’d been reading from a guy in Santa Cruz, how one thing leads to another…

They’re kind of fragmentary, water, or patterns, or grass, mainly natural, but not always.

According to the site, Miksang is a Tibetan word that means “good eye”. It is both meditation and a form of contemplative photography.

It struck me that some of these photos were really similar to what I’d been trying to do in my photos and sometimes in poetry for some time. The idea of the moment, and the surface.

It’s funny coz yesterday I was listening to my favourite radio show, Off the Record, on 3RRR and one of the musicians from a band in Texas was talking about the importance of the light and the landscape in his music, of belonging somewhere, of coming from somewhere. Which I reckon is true in poetry too.

Miksang Hybrids


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