Richard Tipping

Richard Tipping is an artist whose work crosses over between the visual and literary arts. Tipping began as a poet, publishing several volumes of poetry, and is represented in major anthologies of Australian poetry. He then turned to visual art, working within the framework of the written word – from the look of the literary object, to the language of the graphic image, a balancing act between art and writing. He is also a documentary film maker, a musician (playing aboriginal didjeridu, jaw harp and banjo ukulele) and a large-scale public sculptor. His poems and sign works ground him in a milieu where an idea is communicated through dispersal, rather than a centralized performance or exhibition. His is a parallel language that speaks to everyone in a new and usually witty way. His collage alterations of the standard United States Postal Service’s Priority mail and Express Mail envelopes into POETRY MAIL and EXPRESSIVE MAIL (from the United States Poets’ Service) will remain timeless classics.

Richard Tipping was born in Adelaide, South Australia, and lives in the coastal city of Newcastle, near Sydney, where he lectures at the University in the School of Design, Communication and Information Technology. He has had significant exhibitions over the past few years in London (1997), New York (1998 and 2003), Munich (1999) and Cologne (2003), as well as in Sydney (2001 and 2004), Adelaide (2002) and Canberra (2003). His work is represented in most of the major public art collections in Australia, as well as in significant public and private collections in the USA and Europe. This information from Past Exhibitions

There’s also a biography of Tipping HERE

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