Invisible Yet Enduring Lilacs

I’ve always liked Gerald Murnane’s fiction, and this new collection of his essays is just as interesting. Apart from the wonderful cover (I love covers with maps like the Roger McGough one I blogged about in July) Murnane is an interesting Melbourne writer with a paticular and singular vision of the world. This passage particularly took me:

I have been described by my wife and several friends as the most organised person they have ever known, and I admit to a love of orderand of devising systems for storing and retrieving things. My library is meticulously ordered, as are th emany filing cabinets full of my letters and journals and manuscripts and typescripts and private papers. I have sometimes thought of the whole enterprise of my fiction-writing as an effort to bring to light an underlying order – vast pattern of connected images – beneath everything that I am able to call to mind (162)


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