John Anderson 1948-1997

I was reminded today by a neighbour of Australian poet John Anderson, who died in 1997. I don’t know if much is still in print, but he was poet of note. I will try to find out if anything is still in print.

Brief Biog from

John Anderson was born in 1948 at Kyabram, Victoria, where he grew up on an orchard. The locality was once covered with thick forest and its name is thought to indicate this. That forest is the one he would have most liked to have seen. He lived in Melbourne after 1966 and after 1975 near the Merri Creek. He travelled in Europe, South-East Asia, Niugini and extensively around Australia. His first collection of poetry was the bluegum smokes a long cigar (Rigmarole Books, 1978), followed by the forest set out like the night and the shadow’s keep. John Anderson died of a sudden illness in 1997. John Anderson has had a selected poems published posthumously, Selected Poems 1978-1997 (Thylazine Publishing, 2000) (2nd edition, Zeus Publications, 2002).


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