Philip Hodgins (1959-1995)

Philip Hodgins was a prominent Australian poet, born in 1959, who died too early in 1995.

I was reminded of Hodgins’ work this week as I was preparing to begin teaching his verse novel Dispossessed. I’ve always been impressed with Hodgins’ writing, though I must admit I prefer his poems to the longer verse novel.

It’s remarkable how little there is of Hodgins and his work on the internet only ten years after his death. There is a book of poems still in print from Duffy and Snellgrove, which we can be thankful for, and the fact that Dispossessed is on the VCE English course has probably kept that book alive too. Other than that there’s precious little to look through from this fine writer, some brief notes on Austlit and this portrait by A.T. Bolton from the digital collection of the National Library of Australia. I’m grateful I’ve got most of Hodgin’s work in the original book form.


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