ABR Poet of the Month: Kate Middleton

Had a look at the new Australian Book Review website today, which has been pretty comprehensively revamped and now has a section now called ‘Poet of the Month’. Good to see, and a nice concept too, with the poem, some notes about the poem, and a bit about the author. (like below)

Middleton is a Melbourne poet. Her work has been published in
many Australian journals and newspapers, and her poems have been
selected for Best Australian Poetry (UQP) in 2004 and 2006,
and in Vintage, the Mildura Writers’ Festival anthology.
She has read at the Melbourne Poetry Festival, the National Poetry
Festival, the Emerging Writers’ Festival and the Mildura Writers’
Festival. She has completed a degree in music, majoring in composition
at the University of Melbourne, and has worked collaboratively
with many composers. In 2002 she wrote the libretto for the opera
Lapse, by Alan Lee, which was performed at Melba Hall and
the Museum of Victoria. In 2005 the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
premiered Natalie Williams’s orchestral suite Scheherezade’s
based on her poems. She recently completed her Honours
in Literature at the University of Melbourne. She is currently
taking aerial classes at Circus Oz.



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