Poet’s War

And this is the story from The Australian today, which tells the rest of the story, or claims to:

A LITERARY stoush involving fist fights, drug abuse, prostitutes and apprehended violence orders has revealed Australian poets are more Rambo than Rimbaud.

However, there were claims yesterday that the controversy was a publicity stunt to sell books.

West Australian poet John Kinsella took out an apprehended violence order last week against two of his colleagues over a series of allegedly threatening emails.

The poet claims he has been harassed by more than 40 messages a day from former friends Anthony Lawrence and Robert Adamson.

The pair told The Australian the emails were part of a literary joke and denied they wanted to threaten Kinsella. Lawrence suggested the episode was a “publicity stunt” by the “self-promoting” Kinsella.

“I haven’t seen an AVO,” Adamson said. “I don’t mind if there is one – I don’t want to see him anyway.”

The poets have fallen out over an autobiography by Kinsella that refers to drug use, public masturbation, pornography and literary grants squandered on prostitutes.


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