Boroondara Soiree

Went down to the local town hall last Friday night for their bi-monthly soirée, which was fun. I hadn’t been to a reading for a while and enjoyed the atmosphere, the hecklers, the cask wine, the eccentrics, the performers and occasional moments of beauty too, like that of young poet Melanie Lowe who read a love poem.

The featured writers were performance poet Maurice McNamara who was funny and sad at the same time, and Canadian poet, Vicoria Stanton, who sang, read, told stories and capped it off with a low-tech self-duet where she held a tinny cassette player up to the microphone and did a duet with herself.

I read two poems, Walking to the Plaka, for Harriet, and The Wilderness Cabin inspired by photographs I saw of the unabomber’s cabin, dismantled and then set up for evidence in a giant warehouse in some American city.


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