Mitsuoi Aida

Just spent a couple of weeks in Tokyo, and discovered the work of zen poet Mitsuo Aida in the process. I shall post a couple of image later but meanwhile:

The website says: As a brush-and-ink calligrapher and poet, Mitsuo Aida continued to pursue his own words and his own calligraphy, not imitating anyone. As a young man in the period of upheaval during and following World War II , he established his original style and produced a great number of works while contemplating the preciousness of life.

He wrote, “I merely express the natural way people should be as humans and the true way to live. To accomplish that, I borrow the format of brush-and-ink calligraphy.” (From Okagesan published by Diamond, inc.)

Mitsuo Aida honestly expresses himself in an unfeigned manner as a human, not hiding his own weaknesses and dependence on others. At times, the effects of his writings permeate softly into the hearts of people living in the “now.” And at other times, his writings reach out and grab you with gripping force.


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