Newcastle Poetry Prize Results 2006

Poetry News:

Open Section Winner
Nathan Shepherdson, Eve 1528

Open Section Highly Commended
David Musgave, Open Water
Judy Johnson, Michelangelo’s Daughter

Open Section Commended
John Jenkins, Maxwell’s Field
Kylie Rose, Doll Songs

New Media Section Winner
Philip Norton, Hypnosis

Local Section Winner
Judy Johnson, Michelangelo’s Daughter

Anthology Contributors
M. T. C. Cronin, A Single Now
Adrienne Eberhard, Knots
Brook Emery, Uncommon Light
Marcelle Freiman, Masha
Philippa Garrard, Poems written after the sea
Jane Gibian, Vessels for the lapse of time
Judy Johnson, The Last Tuniit
Jean Kent, In the hour of silvered mullet
Martin Langford, A Suite for Embroideries
Kate Middleton, Autobiography (with Robert Smithson)
Tracy Ryan, Scar Revision
Alex Skovron, Palimpsest
Patricia Sykes, the joyful mysteries
Gillian Telford, Some Rooms
Mark Tredinnick, Lake St Clair Cycle

Micky Pinkerton
HWC Admin & Newcastle Poetry Prize Coordinator
Hunter Writers Centre
PO Box 71
Hamilton 2303


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