Cube 37 Literary Program

Frankston poet Garth Madsen has asked me to speak about poetry at a forthcoming symposium on creating the basis for a literary program on the Mornington Peninsula. The symposium will be held at Cube 37 in Frankston on July 28

Garth writes:

Cube 37 is an arts venue in Frankston with gallery, theatre, new media and studio space. In 2006, Reference Group decided to run a series of five symposia related to the Visual Arts, Performing Arts, New Media and the Literary Arts. The third of these, on 28th. July, will deal with the Literary Arts. The other four symposia are more or less reviews of existing Cube 37 programs. However, little has happened at the Cube to promote writing or assist writers.

It is therefore the primary focus of this symposium to create the basis for a literary program at Cube 37 between 2008 and 2010. All writers in the region are invited to attend and participate, bring their ideas and listen to others. There will be a series of keynote speakers, most of whom will represent groups that support writers, particularly those active in the region. This will be followed by questions and a general discussion.

FAW Peninsula Branch stands out as a force in our local community of writers and Cube 37 is interested to hear the ideas and opinions of your members. We would also like to have a representative from the FAW as a keynote speaker to give a brief (5-10 minute) outline about what the branch currently does and its plans for the future. We would hope that this speaker would also available to answer questions both during the forum and informally afterwards.

After the symposium, Melbourne Poets’ Union will be running a series of workshops and readings in which your members may also be interested. We also hope that there will be an additional series of three or four workshops/readings at Cube 37 during the second half of 2007.



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