Five Bells, June 2007

Five Bells, June 2007

Some great stuff in the most recent edition of Five Bells, (Vol 14, No. 2. Autumn 2007) the journal of the Poets Union, which arrived in my letter box this week. I’m not sure whether it was the fact that I was reading it during an interminable exam supervision, I’m all fired up about poetry by the recent launch at the Australian Poetry Centre or whether it genuninely was a better issue than usual.

In any case there were two stand-out articles for me: David Musgrave’s piece on Starting up a Poetry and Fiction Publishing Business in Australia in the 200s and Jill Jones’ Riding the Waves of Digital Change, as well as some good subscriber’s poetry. I particularly liked Ultramarine by Ian C. Smith. Jill Jones has a lot to say about the power of the digital world, connecting to readers and writers via the web and asks why more poets aren’t blogging! Enoughs said! She’s also got some interesting links which I’ll put up here later on when I’ve had a chance to trawl through them.

Five Bells is published by the Poets Union. It’s supported by ARTS NSW


One thought on “Five Bells, June 2007

  1. Hi Warwick,

    Thanks for the comments on the article. There *are* Australian poets out there with websites and blogs (obviously) – but one of the points I wanted to make was that it’s surprising there aren’t more, given all the issues that we worry about, including audience, distribution and debate. Perhaps it’s a slow growing thing.

    Cheers, Jill

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