Riding the waves of digital change

Photo by Jill Jones

Riding the waves of digital change is the name of Jill Jones’ article in the latest Five Bells, and I promised I’d put her links from the article up here. So, the sites she mentions are:

  • Poetryetc – UK based poetry mailing list
  • Ruby Street – Jill Jones’ poetry blog
  • Sarsaparilla – Poetry blog featuring contributions form Allison Croggon, Kerry Goldsworthy, Laura Carroll and others
  • Reading Revival -A blog by Michael Farrell that focuses on discussing books of Australian poetry, also includes a nice list of Australian poetry blogs
  • Jacket – Online magazine by John Tranter
  • Cordite – Poetry magazine / blog
  • Stylus – Online magazine edited by Rosanna Licari
  • Masthead – Online journal edited by Allison Croggon
  • Otolith – Online journal edited by Mark Young
  • Lulu -Self-publishing site

Lots of new places to explore for me here. Jones’s article is well worth reading in full if you can get your hands on a copy of Five Bells.


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