Newcastle Poetry Prize

The results of the 2007 Newcastle Poetry Prize were announced last night with Mark Tredinnick from NSW winning the open section for his poem Eclogues. The full results were:


Winner Open Section

Mark Tredinnick (NSW) for ‘Eclogues’


Highly Commended Open Section
Barry Hill (VIC) for ‘Desert Calligraphies’
Andrew Slattery (NSW) ‘The Bell and the Roar’


Commended Open Section
Carol Jenkins (NSW) for ‘Shirt/Post Shirt’
Jean Kent (NSW) for ‘The Broken Engagement’
Jennifer Mills (NT) for ‘Achernar’

Winner New Media Section
Rob Walker and Matt Walker (SA) for ‘Moon Anti-Poem’


Commended New Media Section
Peter Kenneally (VIC) for ‘A Streetlamp goes out when I walk under it’
Nick Low (VIC) for ‘Some Days’
Paul White (VIC) for ‘The Forecast’

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