Emerging Writers Festival

Coming up in May, the fifth Emerging Writer Festival, to be held in Melbourne. There’s a nice section on their website where they ask all the speakers the question; ‘Where do you write?’. The answers are rich and various. I haven’t heard of lots of these writers, but I guess that’s the point.

They say:

The 2008 program will be available Friday, April 11

In other writing festivals, attendees go to listen to writer’s talk, at the Emerging Writers festival you come along to talk to writers. The EWF prides itself on creating an event for writers to join together, to improve their craft, to expand their networks and to be inspired by each other.

This year will be an exciting combination of panels on the art of being a writer, the craft of being a writer and examinations on how to get ahead in the business of being a writer, regardless of what style of writing you are doing.

1 thought on “Emerging Writers Festival

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    Part of a really good bundle right now. Check it out

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