Zestemag (is this a wordpress blog I see before me…?)

Zest is an emag created by the Australian Poetry Centre which contains news and information about the Centre and related events. It’s great to see the APC building a stronger electronic footprint and interesting (esp. for me as  wordpress user) to see this platform being used to create a magazine style format.

They say>>

Zest\zεst\ [Fr. zeste]1. n. Orange or lemon peel used as a flavouring or for preserving; also, the oil squeezed from such peel to flavour liquor, etc.2. n. Keen relish or enjoyment displayed in speech or action; the pleasure of enjoying something; gusto.3. v. trans. To flavour with or impart ‘zest’; to add a relish to; to give a piquant quality to, adding to the enjoyment or agreeableness of something.

Almighty Vanity! to thee they owe /Their zest of pleasure, and their balm of woe. –Young.Liberality of disposition and conduct gives the highest zest and relish to social intercourse. –Gogan.That sweet minor zest /Of love, your kiss. –Keats.[Adapted from: Oxford English Dictionary Online (2007)]

ZEST e-mag is…lovingly curated by Teresa Bell, Bridie McCarthy and Robyn Rowland.
…affixed to the web with clag and tape by Bridie McCarthy.
…adorned this month by a Gaetan Lee image.
…always receptive to more volunteers! Please contact admin@australianpoetrycentre.org.au if you have some time to share.


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