Disappearing Landscapes

I was pleased to hear this week that a photo-essay I wrote a while ago for Thylazine magazine, on the suburbanisation process on the Mornington Peninsula, has been picked up by an Irish website called aughty.org The site says:

aughty.org aims to provide a focus for
information and discussion about the Slieve Aughty uplands in
Counties Clare and Galway in the west of Ireland. The site was
launched on Earth Day, April 22 2006 at a gathering in Crusheen
called Aughty People and Earth Day, hosted by Heritage
Inchicronan. People from around the region and further afield
explored ways in which the heritage of the Aughties could be
recorded, protected and enhanced by considering the region as
a whole.

At first I thought that the Irish site wanted to use an essay I wrote while in Ireland a few years ago, called Entering Irish Landscape, which talks about my impressions of that place. So, I was surprised, and pleased too, that they wanted to use my piece about suburban Australia,and that they saw some connection between the landscapes they’re working to celebrate and preserve and the landscapes around me here.

The original version of the essay, with photos is HERE. The direct link to a PDF version of the essay on the Irish site is HERE


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