Waking in the Blue

I was pleased to see that Famous Reporter magazine has chosen to publish my poem ‘Waking in the Blue*” in its most recent edition. I wrote it in New Zealand while staying at a ‘bach’ perched over the Marlborough Sounds, owned by some friends. We woke up almost surrounded by water, with the sound sometimes as smooth as glass, othertimes wild and swirling with water being thrown into the air. The picture above is one I took there in January this year.

You can read the poem HERE


2 thoughts on “Waking in the Blue

  1. A lovely poem Warrick, fresh and strikingly beautiful!
    The photograph is pretty good too! 🙂
    Just had to say thanks for sharing them.

  2. Hello Warrick; yes, the photo adds background to the poem.

    Dropping by briefly to mention that I’m in the process of adding your 1999 review of Mal Morgan’s ‘Beautiful Veins’ and John West’s ‘Mal’ to my website; and to suggest, once again, how struck I am by what you find to say about both publications.


    “The day ‘Beautiful Veins’ was launched at La Mama in September by Michael Sharkey the place was bursting at the seams. As it should be. At the launch Alex Skovron and other poets read from the book and people squeezed by to shake Mal Morgan’s hand; it was as Melbourne an event as the footy down the road. This is a book to be celebrated and welcomed. It’s painful and sad too. That’s the way it is. Mal Morgan knows that better than most.”

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