Balcombe Creek


Balcombe Creek

Balcombe Creek

I got back from Queensland after finishing Macfarlane’s The WIld Places re-affirmed again in my belief in the local, the importance of the place where you live. It’s something that has always been in my writing but Macfarlane’s book re-asserts it, turning a vast circle from his initial conception of the ‘wild’ as the remote mountain-tops of Scotland, to the Thoreau-like belief in the value of the local area, the place you walk to.

Or ride to in my case. So, before I’d even unpacked my bags, I got the mountain bike out of its cobwebs and rode down to Balcombe Creek, a local creek that I’ve written about a lot, which flows into Port Phillip Bay at Mount Martha and rode along its edge again. It was nice to be home and I rode inland to the Briars homestead, an historic homestead which sits alongside the creek.

The other nice thing about the Macfarlane book was the list of ‘Selected Reading’ at the end. I’d made notes as I went along about other books I’d like to read, but Macfarlane had them all neatly included at the end, and linked to the chapters that he’d used them. I certainly added a few of them to my Amazon WISHLIST.


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