Marilynne Robinson’s ‘Home’

It’s always nice to be confirmed in your judgements by a committe of experts, so for that reason and more I was delighted to see that Marilynne Robinson’s Home, my own Book of the Year winner for 2008, has just won the Orange Prize for fiction.  It’s a wonderful book I say again, and some describe her as the greatest living novelist.

More here at the GUARDIAN

4 thoughts on “Marilynne Robinson’s ‘Home’

  1. dear Warwick, hi there! Havent known Marilynne Robinson’s work before receiving ref. to her from Terry Gillmore… I’ll obviously investigate now! I had though becasue of the context of Terry’s letter that she was a poet… Best wishes, Kris Hemensley

  2. Thanks for dropping by Kris; I think you’ll enjoy Robinson’s writing; certainly poetic prose, where every line seems to matter. Best wishes to you too. Warrick

  3. I’ve read Housekeeping and Gilead, but I think Home is the best of her work. At least, the more touching for me.
    Now that I’ve finished Home, I think it’s time to go and
    read Gilead again.

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