From this Broken Hill

NSW writer Les Wicks has shared details on an interesting new e-anthology ‘from this Broken Hill’ It’s got some great writing and some evocative photography too. The anthology is described like this:

Meuse Press has released an e-anthology titled “From This Broken Hill” – an unique combination of writing from some of the country’s top writers (past & present) combined with a dazzling array of photography.

A place of near mythic proportions, this city deep in the outback. A mine that put the money into Melbourne. Arts hub while simultaneously isolated by distance.

But in some ways Broken Hill was the experiment that became multicultural Australia – it had the country’s first mosque, many communities continue to thrive within its boundaries. The rough heart of Unionism still stands strong. People escape to this city, others escape a childhood there. It has its horrors and highlights, once there you’ll never forget.

Read an excerpt from a Napoleon Bonaparte set in the city, read the view back from leading poet Rae Desmond Jones who grew up there and wonder at the mining waste turned into a thing of beauty surrounded by red soil.

Edited by Barbara De Franceschi, Marvis Sofield and Les Wicks.

Supported by Broken Hill Regional Writers’ Centre, Broken Hill City Council, Countrylink & ArtsNSW

from this Broken Hill


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