Place in the Past

I’ve always been interested in the importance of place; geographical places where rivers meet or watersheds where the land falls away in different directions.  I’m interested in suburban places where the suburbs meet the farmland, and the small domestic places like the kitchen, the study, the lemon tree in the corner of the backyard with the generations of pet dogs buried under it.

And historical places too, like standing on the site where a movie I loved took place, or where a song was set; that  happened a lot in New York. Tracing the places of my favourite writes: Yeats’s tower, Wordsworth’s walks, Hardy’s cottage, the Globe Theatre by the river.

Family history, like finding the Wynne graves in Mallow Ireland or the origins of family in the flatlands of the Wimmera.

Or places from ‘real’ history, like walking the well worn path up from the Plaka to the Parthenon in Athens,  standing on the D-Bay beaches in northern France or at the docks in Galway where the Irish fled famine and the past. Something significant happened at this place.

So, there was a  chance that I’d like the series of photos a Russian blogger, Sergey Larkenov has put together, juxtaposing past and present images of the same place, mainly from World War II. The place now, as it was in World War II, at the same time. On this place, in the not so recent past, things were very different, and very dark.  There’s lots more HERE.

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