The Lost Highway

I’ve been riding past this little spot for quite a while now, usually in all kinds of pain as it’s three-quarters of the way up a decent hill and looking down and looking down off the road and catching a glimpse of an old picnic spot. It’s a bit cut off from the highway now, a part of the old road and from the bike (but not the car) you can see the table and chairs where this little layoff used to provide a resting place for a cup of tea out of a tartan thermos and views back down to Dromana and Arthur’s Seat.

So today, since I’m on holidays and riding by myself, I thought I’d sneak in past the ‘Road Closed’ sign and take some photos of this lost place. Once you lift your bike over the sign, the short road in is in surprisingly good condition and I enjoyed a few minutes taking some photos (the Iphone 4 camera is a blessing because it’s a decent camera and always with me). I even sat down for a moment at the seat by the concrete table and imagined this place when it was a lovely little place to stop. When? I’d say more than twenty to twenty-five years ago since the new highway was put in, and the table and chairs are still there, waiting for someone to drive in, and get that cup of tea and some biscuits out of the boot.

Road Closed

The lost highway

The picnic table in the bush

A place to sit.

Blackberry vines and a table

The view back towards Dromana and Arthurs Sea. The diggers seem to have gone quiet lately but they’ve been busy reshaping this landscape for some time now.

2 thoughts on “The Lost Highway

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