Reflecting: the blogging journey

Late last year I was at a book launch of a new book of poems and was chatting to a poet I’ve known for a long time but hadn’t seen for some time. He asked me, half interested but half doubtful and incredulous too, ‘are you still writing your poetry stuff online?’ I said that I was and he was too polite to literally shake his head in bemusement or confoundment or something, but he may as well have. The unspoken was ‘why do you bother?’

It’s a conversation that came back to me this week as, being on holidays, I’ve had time to looks at some new poems and contemplate the writing year ahead. Should I bother with the blog? I’ve read in some places that blogging is dead and that the interest has moved to micro-blogging like Twitter (which I also use, for a different purpose). Would it be better to put all my scant time and attention to the poems themselves, and leave the reflecting elsewhere?

Which is what I should have told the puzzled poet I was trying to do here. Reflect on my writing. Reflect on my reading. Share some of that, and some of the good things I’ve found along the way. It’s as much for my benefit as anyone else’s; to overtly think about the writing process and progress.

All of that. So, I’m going to keep on blogging for the moment. Irregular as I am with all this, and if I see that poet again I’ll be clearer about what the purpose is for me.

Photo: Yarra Reflections by Warrick (2007)

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