I was pleased to see the Australian Poetry members anthology Metabolism released this week as a free PDF download, and later in March in printed format.

They say:

With hundreds of submissions from AP members across the country (and overseas) the anthology was put together by a dedicated editorial team of AP members.

The final anthology includes new poems by more than 50 outstanding Australian poets including Ron Pretty, Judith Rodriguez, Tim Thorne, Emilie Collyer, Patricia Sykes, Graham Nunn, Kate Waterhouse, Les Wicks, Sarah Rice, Paul Hetherington and many more, demonstrating not only the talent in Australian poetry, but also in members of AP.

Australian Poetry cannot thank the volunteer editorial team enough for their outstanding work.

The aim of the program is to provide an opportunity to learn new skills about publishing, gain some experience and take an active part in the poetry community. The inaugural volunteer anthology editorial team is David Adès, Libby Hart, Heather Taylor Johnson, Vanessa Jones, Danny Lovecraft, Tim Metcalf, John Pfitzner, Susie Utting, and Lyn Vellins. All of them exceptional poetry editors and poets in their own right.

On first quick look, it looks really interesting and full credit to the Australian Poetry for upping the quality and editorial input into this project.

My included poem, RTA, is below. And above it is the scrap of typewritten paper from the family records database somewhere that inspired it. I encourage you to download the anthology and have a look.

For William Francis Wynne d.1973

Here, in a typographical family reunion
are the Wynnes together at last,
this private significance
ranks one line in the long lines
the “Y” hammered heavier
all the way down the page
as if some bored clerk
has been drawing patterns
to keep himself sane.

His better, at least, than the corrected
‘Frederick George’,
simply typed over,
or the long lines of K.I.A.s

I remember being disappointed as a kid
to learn he was in the Signal Corps,
not some front line regiment,
carrying a rifle, not a bunch of wire.

I didn’t know anything.
I didn’t know anything.

I should type that all day.


R.T.A. – Returned to Australia
K.I.A. – Killed in action


Warrick Wynne




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