Taking Flight

island birds


I’ve always been fascinated with birds and flying and planes and have never ever got complacent about sitting in an aeroplane and seeing the world below spread out like a hand-made quilt. I mean, what would Leonard da Vinci have given to have that view? So, of course that interest has flowed into my writing and I’ve written about birds and flight quite a bit, and am even planning a mini-collection of my own on that theme, probably in iBook format.

So,  given that interest, I was pleased to have a couple of poems accepted into a new collection called Taking Flight, published by Poetica Christi Press. The new collection is just what I was describing, a book of poems about flight and flying and I’m looking forward to seeing my two submissions: Swallow and Flying Over Europe in there, and in hearing what other writers have to say about the airy world. The collection is edited by Janette Fernando and launches towards the end of March.

resized taking flight book cover photo 7th feb 2013


Top photo: Island birds by Warrick
Bottom: Taking Flight Poems

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