Taking Flight


2013-03-25 20.54.16

I got home last night to find two copies of the new anthology Taking Flight on my desk. Edited by Janette Fernando, this is a new collection of poetry from various writers held together by the theme of ‘taking flight’, some more literal than others! My two poems in the collection, Swallow and Flying Over Europe are inspired by the literal idea of flight but other poems in the collection have titles like Flight of Fancy, Climbing, Pilgrim etc. Many of them are faith-based in some way.

Good timing, since I’d just flown in from Malaysia where I’d been at a conference and was still gently swaying to and fro from the eight hour flight. I don’t like much about flying (the queues, the x-rays, the lack of leg room!) but I never tire of looking out the window when you happen on a clear day and a window seat. I took the shot below with my iPad.

Taking Flight is published by Poetica Christi Press Oh, and I’m taking flight again, to Vietnam on Friday, which I’m pretty excited about.



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