Another river; the Yarra after rain

I can’t believe it’s over a month since I blogged here, and I have been writing and reading all the while. I did buy a new camera too; a Canon 60D, much better in low light than the old Canon 450, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know how to use it, drawn all the time, of course, to rivers, streams and the edges of things.

So, after a incredibly wet Saturday I was interested to see what the Yarra was looking like and whether it was wild and flowing and bursting its banks or, as it was once I remember, swirling and whirlpooling brown and ominous like the Mississippi in a Twain novel.

Not so. Even after only twenty-four hours the whole thing had settled down, moving quickly and ruffled somehow, but almost back to normal. I could see the debris and rubbish from the high-water mark the night before but I was surprised just how quickly it had come down. Another (local) thing to know.

River walk

Below: Fairview Park on dusk.

River walk


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