Winter landscapes

I must admit that, though I’m often a bit envious to see friends heading somewhere warm for the winter break, there is something I like a lot about winter landscapes.  Here’s some images from the last couple of weeks on the Mornington Peninsula.

The milky look of the bay early on a very cold morning at Safety Beach. It was so cold that the waves seemed sluggish.

Safety Beach


Below: another early morning. Sunrise,  near Martha Cove.

Mist near Martha Cove

Below: I’ve been wanting to take this shot for ages. This is Balcombe Creek, looking north from Bungower Rd. I’ve passed it often, and it’s been too busy to stop, and it’s a dangerous place with no roadside parking nearby. So, I made a special trip for this one.

Balcombe Creek

Below: And, in contrast to the stillness of the bay some days, this winter break we had three days of wild and windy weather. This is Mornington Pier.
Windy morning at Mornington Pier


Below: This day was so gloomy that most of the shots I took were bleak and undistinguished. This was the best of those I took walking in The Briars at Mt Martha.

Winter walk in The Briars




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