In Celebration of John Shaw Neilson

I’ve written here before about the poet John Shaw Neilson (1872-1943); in terms of him being a poet I see as undervalued but also in Speaking to Blue Winds, Lines for Birds and The Lure of the Local.

I feel I have multiple connections to Neilson’s work, from the big-sky landscape of the Wimmera that spawned both him and my grandfather to the lyric beauty of his writing. He is a poet that was doing something very different to his contemporaries.

So, I was pleased to see the local gallery, the MPRG announcing an April event as a ‘jubilee celebration of Australia’s great lyric poet’. The even will feature some of Neilson’s poetry set to music and an outline of his remarkable life.

I’m looking forward to both.

John Shaw Neilson Jubilee Celebration
John Shaw Neilson

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