Love the Words

Love the Words

I was delighted to learn this week that my short poem At the Edge has been selected for inclusion in the Love the Words annual e-anthology, a celebration of the power of words and the work of Dylan Thomas published in Wales for International Dylan Thomas Day published by Infinity Books UK

Dylan Thomas Day, 2022

They write: ‘Every year, ‘Love the Words’ (a quote from Dylan Thomas) asks for contributions to its annual poetry competition as part of International Dylan Thomas Day, 14 May. This year, writers around the world were asked to pen a poem on the theme of ‘water’, inspired by Dylan’s name – which means ‘son of the sea’ – as well as by his seaside, childhood home in Swansea, and his estuary home, and famous writing shed, in Laugharne. Writers were free, in this year’s contest, to interpret ‘water’ in any way they wished, and to write in any form. There were, once again, poems and entries from all around the globe, with over 400 entries received. It was a very hard job to whittle this down, but we did, to roughly 50 poems – a record number for our anthology this year! – and, this time around, we found it too difficult to choose single winners and would like, instead, everyone included here to be able to say that they ‘won’ the competition. We only wish we could publish all 400+ poems! We’re incredibly grateful to all of you who entered; the standard of writing this time was impeccable; and we hope you enjoy this year’s resulting anthology, which demonstrates, we hope, our shared wish to always, and forever, ‘love the words’. It’s what Dylan would have wanted, we feel, and we’re very, very grateful to everyone who shared their words with us.’

I’ve written before here about the importance of Dylan Thomas in my early reading and writing, in Remembering Dylan Thomas (2014) and The Dylan Thomas Collection (2005), so it was particularly pleasing to be part of an anthology of poetry inspired by him.

Love the Words, 2022 anthology

You can download the anthology HERE

My short poem, written for my daughter and her child, is below.

At the edge of the bay

for Harriet

We walk to the edge of the bay
drawn, it seems, to this great dish
where you played and swam
and now, here, with your own baby
strapped to you.

Could anything be stranger?
the three of us beside the sea,
the submerged beach where you played.
a stone wall, the city in the distance

whatever next?

The edge of the bay – Photo: Warrick (2022)

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