Here’s a link to an AGE article and photo about th…

Here’s a link to an AGE article and photo about the Commonwealth Writers Prize:

Eyes on the Prize

and the official web site: Commonwealth Writers Prize

Max Harris Poery Prize

The medallion and cheque arrived from the Max Harris Poetry Prize this week. There’s been a bit of interest too from the local media, and even some of my students who wanted to hear the poem. Funny how that I normally wouldn’t be comfortable reading a new poem to my students, but because it’s been officially commended by an external judge, it’s okay. We need our gatekeepers still it seems.

Max Harris Poetry Prize

Got more good news on Friday night when I got a phone call saying that a new poem ‘Yeats’ Grave’ had won the poetry prize at the Max Harris Literary Awards, and that another new poem ‘After a Funeral’ had been highly commended. The Max Harris Poetry Prize is part of the Penola Festival in South Australia. More news on this one later but I wouldn’t mind going across to South Australia for the Awards Ceremony later this month.