Poetry in ‘Pillars’

Recently, I was reminded again of the power of film when an American viewer emailed me seeking a poem of mine that appeared in a short film by Nicholas Denton, Pillars (2017)

I blogged a little about that HERE but I saw when I looked again this week that the movie has now shifted from Vimeo to YouTube and you can see the whole thing there.

The poems shifts in and out of the narrative a bit, and is used at the end of this powerful film. It was lovely to see what Denton did with the poem and how poetry can be used in this visual medium.

Australian Poetry

It’s taken the long weekend to finally find time to have a first look at the new Australian Poetry website, but I have now and it looks good. I like the layout and it’s very newsy and is trying to incorporate some social tools including groups, friend requests and more. All very nicely integrated. They’ve even got a twitter feed, integration with Facebook and an Iphone app.  Its chunky at 60MB and $3.99 but has a lot of information on Australian poets and poetry-related activity happening in Australia. I even got a friend request from Admin to welcome me! Nice. It will be good to see how this develops.

Australian Poetry Ltd is a merger between the Australian Poetry Centre based in Melbourne and Poets’ Union based in NSW. It aims to be the new peak body for poetry in Australia with a charter to promote and support Australian poets and poetry.

It’s certainly in a better state than the old Fellowship of Australian Writers, which looks a bit tired in its website. I was a member of the FAW for a long time, and did my first public reading of a poem of my own at the Manly (NSW) branch one evening. I was so nervous and I read a piece called Two Maggies. Everyone was very polite.  So I’ve got good memories of that organisation and the work they do. It was established in the 1920s, but it does seem to be struggling a bit at the moment.