Peninsula Writing – #2 – Spring 1983

penwriting_02_ 01

The second issue of Peninsula Writing came out in Spring 1983, featuring a vibrant orange-yellow cover, based loosely on the waves at Cape Schanck by Gavin Duffy.

The issue had a bit of a nautical theme from the cover on with the opening story A Struggling Brigantine by Joe Mann, poem called Petrel over Port Phillip Bay by Donald Whitelock, Mornington Peninsula Sketches by Fiona Capp and Human Being as Whale by Warren Breninger. A short story called The Barbeque by Archimede Fussillo, was another feature.

The issue also featured additional artwork by Phillip Mead and J.Lewis.

In the review section, I reviewed Geoff Page’s Shadows from Wire and David Malouf’s Fly Away Peter, Anne Williams reviewed The Strength of Tradition, edited by R.F.Holt and Liam Davison reviewed Victor Kelleher’s Africa and After.

Below: the editorial for Issue 2. See the issues we had with printing it black enough!


Below: Contents page for Issue 2

penwriting_01_ 7

Below: Artwork by Gavin Duffy


Below: Artwork by Gavin Duffy

penwriting_02_ 5

Below: Artwork by J. Lewis

penwriting_02_ 4

Below: Issue 2 centre pages: The Barbeque by Archimede Fusillo, artwork by Gavin Duffy

penwriting_02_ 3

Below: Artwork by Phillip Mead, Poem by David Turner

penwriting_02_ 2

Peninsula Writing – #1 – Winter 1983


The first issue of Peninsula Writing came out in Winter, 1983, for the Mornington Peninsula which had ‘long been in need of an outlet for creative writing’. The manifesto was to provide a forum for writers from the Peninsula and beyond.

The first edition set the pattern for issues to follow: a terrific cover by Gavin Duffy, short stories, poetry, some reviews and some artwork and graphics, including some artwork by Phillip Mead. All for $3.75.

In that first edition there were stories by Margaret Pearce, Doug Shingleton, David Kerr, Valerie Albiston, J. Mann and poetry by Desmond Judge, John Goodall, Bruce Lundgren, Shane Doheny, Anne Parratt and Reece Caterson. I reviewed The Younger Australian Poets and Liam Davison reviewed The Plains by Gerald Murnane.

Below: the editorial for Issue 1

penwriting_01_ 1

Below: Contents for Issue 1

penwriting_01_ 2

Below: Pages 4-5 of Issue 1, featuring artwork by Philip Mead

penwriting_01_ 3

Below: Page 36-37, featuring art work by Phillip Mead and a story by Valerie Albiston

penwriting_01_ 4

Below: Pages 44 and 45. Poem by Reece Caterson, art work by Phillip Mead

penwriting_01_ 5