Walking in nature

I’ve spent the last five weeks or so travelling, in England and Scotland mainly, doing lots of walking, thinking and some writing. The walking has helped a lot, even though I’ve come back with a sore knee which I think was due to all the steps on Arhur’s Seat.

I’ll post some more about this later, but the two most memorable places for me were the Lake District, with its wonderful walking and Wordsworth connections and Skye (see below) for the sheer beauty of the landscape.

Walking in nature is refreshing, reviving, consoling and inspiring. And, even if it makes your legs sore, or because it does, so so important.

Skye, Scotland

Philip Larkin

Which is not to say (he adds soberly, a day later) that there’s also much of Betjeman that I found excruciatingly English in his bicycling to churches (very Larkin-ish) and lots of prose about the good old days before motor cars ruined Oxford. Some of that donn-ish stuff I didn’t like, but what I meant to say was that I was surprised that there was so much I liked.