Refuge Cove and other poems



I was really pleased to have some new poems of mine included in the latest issue of Eureka Street online.  Click on the image above to read the poems in the November issue.

Low tide, Norman Bay

I was pleased this week to have some new poems published online in Eureka Street, including Low Tide, Norman Bay, which I reproduce below. You can see the rest of the poems here.

Low tide, Norman Bay

This isn’t a place to talk about death,
the tide falling, thin peaks
crumbling in a light onshore,
the light fading too,
though the waves in the corner
are still that aqua colour
that makes them look tropical,
the beach is as wide as ever
Skull Island holds the horizon.

The light is falling away with the tide
but the dark shapes are birds going somewhere
the bubbles in the sand
small breaths rising into the air

Warrick Wynne

Photo above: Low Tide, Norman Bay by Warrick