23 Beaver St (revisited)

I rarely publish poems here, maybe I should do that more. Anyway, I finished this one, and thought I’d put it into that Adobe Spark format. 23 Beaver St was the address of my grandparents, in Essendon. I looked it up on Google Earth and the house is gone now, which is fitting.
23 Beaver St

The lake at the edge of my world

Bert by Lake Hindmarsh

I seem to remember that I took this photo myself as a kid, maybe I was twelve at the time. It’s my grandfather standing on the edge of Lake Hindmarsh in the Wimmera region in Western Victoria. I remember fishing there and in the Wimmera River. Even then I liked the silhouette of my grandfather here in this shot, liked that it was black and white and liked that I think I captured something of him in a landscape he loved; he grew up in nearby Diapur.

So, next week I’m happy to be heading up to the lake again, and hope to see it full of water again like it is here. It’s been dry for a long time, and I think that seeing it again will be somehow restorative.