City of Stars

City of Stars

I was delighted today to attend the launch, and read a poem, from a new collection called City of Stars, an ‘anthology of love poems for Frankston’ edited by Avril Bradley.

The new collection is published by Gininderra Press and features poems from Garth Madsen (the unoffical poet laureate of Frankston), Jennifer Compton, Ann Simic, Glenn Harper and others.

I was fortunate enough to have three poems included in the collection: Beginnings, The Day it Snowed in Frankston and The Wedding Train, about the train journey on the Frankston line, loosely inspired by Philip Larkin.

I read the one about the day it might have actually snowed in Frankston, inspired by a story a student named Eloise told me a long time ago.

It was good to hear some of the poems being read aloud, and to get together to celebrate a place that seems an unlikely catalyst for poetry at times. In praise of place.

You might be able to get a copy of City of Stars from local bookshops like Robinsons.

Below from left: Avril Bradley (editor) launches the collection, Jennifer Compton, Garth Madsen.

Avril Bradley Jennifer Compton Garth Madsen


Officially launched!

‘The State of the Rivers and Streams; was officially launched last night at Robinsons Bookshop last night by Garth Madsen. Garth spoke eloquently about the book and read some poems including ‘Packing’ and I read ‘The Day it Snowed in Frankston’, ‘Bush-Bashing and ‘Landscape’. Afterwards a group of went to the ‘Seagull’ Greek Restaurant in Frankston for a meal. It was a good night and nice to officially have the book out.


In a poetryfest kind of week I went to the Melbourne launch of ‘Blue Dog’ the flagship magazine of the Poetry Australia Foundation last night in Melbourne. It was a good ol style poetry evening down to the plastic cups and the red wine, but the wine was bottle quality and the poetry was quality too. It was good to catch up with lots of people such as Alex Skovron, Connie Barber, Philip Salom, Garth Madsen (who I’d just me the day before), John West, Kris Hemensley, Ron Pretty and lots of others. The Melbourne Poets people weren’t that happy with my launch clashing with their reading night but we parted amicably enough!