Windy morning

It may be something of a romantic poetic cliche, but there is something nice about walking along the coast on a really windy morning, and the way that everything else is stripped from your mind and you just are next to the sea. I took this short video near Schnapper Point in Mornington.

ANZAC Morning

I rode past Memorial Park in Mornington this morning on my bike ride, hoping to catch a glimpse of the ANZAC ceremony which is held there, but they were still setting up. I took this shot with the Iphone.

I was reminded of a an early poem I wrote, about going for a walk in Orange, NSW on ANZAC morning. It was published in my first book, Lost Things & Other Poems (Butterfly Books), so I thought¬†I’d include it here, on this day.

ANZAC Morning in Orange

I thought I was up early
almost alone
in the wide old streets
that run straight and long
country-style through this town
and the trees already turning.

Until the inevitable park & statues
one to Mafeking and one,
laden with flowers
bright and new as morning
to Anzacs.
The park already empty

the sound of bagpipes
somewhere in the distance

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Watching for whales

Received some nice news this week in that my new poem Watching was commended in the The Inverawe Outdoors Poetry Competition for 2007, a competition for nature poetry.

I wrote the poem about a whale watching experience a year or so ago when local radio was announcing lots of sightings of a whale in Port Phillip Bay off Mornington. I found myself, with a group of like minded strangers, standing on a hill in the cold, scanning the grey water for signs of other life. Needless to say we didn’t see a thing and after about an hour we all started drifting back to our cars.

The picture above is what we all hoped to see, but didn’t! It’s a sperm whale diving from FLICKR I’ll post the poem sometime too.