The Tempest

And just a while after the last posting I was thinking whether my liking for THE TEMPEST (it’s my favourite Shakespeare play) comes from that early reading of ‘Treasure Island’?


two new books added to my ever-growing wishlist this morning after reading some reviews

1 Dead Man’s Chest: Travels after Robert Louis Stevenson by Nicholas Rankin. I’ve always liked RLS, from reading books like ‘Kidnapped’ and especially ‘Treasure Island’ as a kid. Later I read a travel book called ‘Footsteps’ I think, which followed one of RLS’s journey’s with a donkey through Europe.

2. In Ruins by Christopher Woodward – If you’ve ever read any of my poems here you’ll know the fascination I have with ruins, the broken things of history, the aesthetics of the fallen. Auden used to like the ruins of tin mining; I can understand that!