Famous Reporter #37

The latest issue of Famous Reporter, arrived in the mail today, slightly sodden, but still looking great, with a lovely cover by Rob Mackey and including my review of Judy Johnson’s book, Navigation.

Famous Reporter is edited by Ralph Wessman and, cover notwithstanding, is a pure text affair, always with some quality writing. This issue contains poems from Jan Owen, Shane McCauley, Geoff Page, Brendan Ryan, Les Wicks and others as well as fiction, essays and commentary.

Thinking about reading

Starting to think about the kinds of things I might read at a poetry reading coming up in a couple of weeks. I want to read in a more structured kind of way, perhaps linking poems together, or putting poems that bounce off each other together. A student in my Literature class asked if I would read some poems to the class, so I might do a run-through of some of them there.

Also, just about finished the THYLAZINE article/essay on the disappearing landscapes, which kept me thinking for lots of the summer. I don’t know if it says much ultimately, but perhaps explores some of the ideas, with some poems running through it.

Got the news that I DIDN’T receive a Tasmanian fellowship to go and write there sometime during the Winter, which was disappointing. I felt I had a bit of an affinity with Tasmania and its writing through my association with ‘Famous Reporter’ but the Tasmanian Writers Centre saw it differently. The process was interesting too; you have to pay an application fee, send supporting material etc. but the only response is a generic email, and no criteria on selection are available online at least. I’m beginning to get this thing for criteria.