Stopping by a lake on a frosty morning

Driving back from Beechworth, via Lake Eildon, I passed this scene of stillness on a cold morning on Lake Nillahcootie. I pulled over and grabbed the camera and a moment later another man pulled behind me for the same reason. We had a conversation, mainly about the need to stop and look when you see something special, and then went our separate ways.

Here’s a couple of the photos. The trees looked to me like ink on paper, calligraphy of a kind.



Significant Tree

I was up in the Murray River area for a few days and saw this Moreton Bay fig in Swan Hill. They call it the Burke and Wills tree, mainly because it was planted in Swan Hill about the time those explorers called through on their way up north. According to the signage it’s on the list of Significant Trees of Victoria, but I can’t find that list anywhere online. It was pretty impressive in any case.