Watermark Literary Muster

Not totally convinced about the design features of the Watermark Literary Society brochure that arrived this week; reminds me a bit of the student handbook from Melbourne State College in 1975, but hey, maybe that’s the point.

But, I love the idea of the backyard as a conference theme, and it’s still a conference I have always wanted to get to.

Watermark Literary Muster

One Festival that I’ve always wanted to get to is the Watermark Literary Muster; an annual conference set in Northern NSW that always look interesting and always clashes with my own teaching. One of these days … One of these crazy days. It’s the one conference that I think would sit most neatly with my own sense of my own writing and where that all is.

They say:

At this fifth Muster, writers and readers will celebrate the literature of THE BACKYARD, its nature and natural history and its sense of place. Perhaps your backyard is a quarter acre block, a city courtyard, a sandy beach or a steamy rainforest. Is it the Outback or the Inland – the Red Centre, the Never Never, the Dead Heart? Is the space physical or metaphorical? Is the best writing parochial? Come and join the conversation.

This year is all happens between the 17th and 20th of June.